Passport Applications

Passport Application

To apply for a Canadian Passport, proof of identity for applicants age 16 and over must be provided. The identity documents must be issued by a federal or provincial/territorial government authority, or local equivalent abroad, and must include:​

  • name
  • date of birth
  • sex
  • photo
  • signature

One can submit one or more supporting ID documents to prove all of the above elements. Otherwise, if one element is missing, the application will be refused.

​When an individual applies for a new passport in an assumed relationship surname/ family name that is different from the name on his/her birth or citizenship certificate, that person must submit one of the following documents, along with their birth or citizenship certificate:

  • a marriage certificate
  • a common-law relationship certificate
  • a court order (i.e. separation agreement or divorce order/judgment) issued by a court of law in or outside Canada
  • a certificate to dissolve a registered common-law relationship
  • a resumption of surname certificate.

The identity document submitted together with the passport application, must display the relationship surname that the person is requesting.​

It is important to notify Passport Canada immediately should your passport be lost or stolen. There will be a for replacement of a passport.

Canadians Living Abroad

​Applicants for a Canadian passport living outside Canada have the option of choosing a guarantor who is:​

  • an adult with a valid or recently expired Canadian passport (less than a year)
  • a member of the approved list of occupations and persons below:​

The guarantor does not need to be a Canadian citizen, if they are in one of the following occupations:​

  • Medical doctor
  • Dean/head of university or college
  • Dentist
  • Judge
  • Lawyer/notary
  • Notary public
  • Pharmacist
  • Police officer
  • Signing officer of a bank or trust company or of a financial institution that offers a full range of banking services (cash withdrawals, deposits, savings)
  • Veterinarian

Passport Refusals

​In the event that you have been refused issue of a passport, your passport is revoked and/or you have been refused passport services, you may appeal and seek judicial review of the decision in Federal Court.

Need Help?​

Contact us for more information about the Passport process or for assistance in preparing an application.

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