Express Entry

Express Entry

Permanent Residence: Express Entry

Express Entry is Canada’s immigration application management system for economic immigration. Candidates for Express Entry are awarded up to 1200 points under a ranking system meant to identify those candidates most likely to succeed in Canada. The highest ranked candidates in the Express Entry pool will receive an “Invitation to Apply” after which they will have 90 days to complete an application for Permanent Residence in Canada.


In order to apply through Express Entry, you must be:

Eligible for one of Canada’s three economic immigration streams:

Canadian Experience Class

Federal Skilled Trades Program

Provincial or Provincial Nominee Program


500 Points: Core Human Capital Factors which include age, education, language and Canadian work experience.

100 Points: Skill Transferability which is a combination of foreign qualifications, work experience, education and language ability.

600 Points: A Provincial Nomination certificate

50-200 Points: For arranged Employment


The first step is to create a candidate profile online. Profiles may remain in the candidate pool for up to one year. If, during this time, any of your ranking factors change, you must ensure you update your profile in the candidate pool.

If you do not currently hold a qualifying job offer you must register with the Canada Job Bank. Candidates are encouraged to promote themselves to prospective employers in order to increase their chances of being invited to apply.

Draws from the candidate pool occur every few weeks. If selected, you will receive an “Invitation to Apply” for Permanent Residence. You will have 60 days in order to provide Immigration with all the necessary information and documentation so that the final stage of the Permanent Residence process can take place.

Once your application is complete, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada estimates a total processing time of approximately six months.

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